Over The TopP Catering was brought to life in 2020!
Trying to give the customer exactly what they ask for from start to finish, and not having to worry about any of the small details that come along with planning events. We do the guesswork and give you a final tally before the event so you're happy and confident in knowing exactly what you're getting on time and on budget!


At Over The TopP Catering! we look forward to serving our clients with top-notch food and service, including set up and teardown of all equipment including removal of garbage so there's no need to clean up a mess after your event.

Freshest Ingredients 

We strive on always using the freshest ingredients that are available for any catering event. We also try to stay local during seasonal times from the Kingston region and maintain a low cost for our customer in the process.

Cuisines, Cultures and Diet's

Do you have allergies? Do you have a religious background that only allows you to eat special meals? Do you have a specific diet? At Over The TopP Catering, we take all these into consideration when preparing any meal for any guests. Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, halal, low sodium, high protein, meat lover and high nutrition.

Meet the Head Chef

Hello and thank you for visiting Over The TopP Catering, My name is Henry Francis and as head chef of Over The TopP Catering. I first started cooking in my early teens and as I grew up, my thirst for food knowledge exploded! When I was in my mid 20's, I was working in the oil sands in Northern Alberta where I was able to bring a restaurant quality to the sands. As I worked there I met a lot of real cool and humble people. But as my life came to, I've worked and lived in my home town of Kingston, Ontario for many years with my family. In that time, I have been able to open many different restaurants across Ontario, cook for many different people and companies ranging from; mom & pop restaurants, franchise corporations, hockey players, singers and the Prime Minister of Canada when he was visiting the city years ago. My knowledge of food has allowed me to adopt many cultures in which I have learned over time to incorporate different flavors and unique designs. Now in my 40's and have opened Over TheTopP Catering, I am here to offer a personal touch on multiple levels for you. If it comes to a small banquet setting, a personal dinner with friends and family or just a platter for that last minute party favor; get in touch and I'll go "Over The TopP" for Making Moments Rememberable For Any Occasion!

Now to add to the story of Over The TopP Catering!  
We are open our new location at 1474 Bath Rd in Kingston. The location is the upper half of Zorbas banquet hall. At our new location, we are open with a unique menu building. With 80%+ (when in seasons) local ingredients  now being served actoss both of our settings, like we have been doing so on our mobile side and keeping with our traditions on using as much locally sourced ingredients and offering any kind of experience!